Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid-week links

Need to get caught up on some reading? Here are some suggestions from local to national news...

  • Our own Lee Kunkel takes a look at RMU by the numbers (ColonialsCorner)
  • A good look at NEC defensive trends from RMU and the rest of the NEC by Andrew Chiappazzi (ColonialsCorner)
  • Manti Te'o released voicemails from his fake girlfriend Ronaiah Tuiasosopo (Deadspin) who now says he was in love with him (abcnews)
  • What should the Celtics do with Rondo out for the year? (Grantland)
  • 3 changes Dan Bylsma must make for the Penguins to contend (The Bleacher Report)
  • Ray Lewis Can't hide his past, according to Bill Plaschke (LA Times)
  • Some fun prop bets regarding the Super Bowl (CBS Sports)
  • Surprise! PED's still exsist in baseball! (ESPN)

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