Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Browns can Shape up this Year's Draft

by Chris Cappella
The Cleveland Browns, one of the most unlucky and dysfunctional franchises in all of sports, can shift the fate of many franchises (including their own) in this years NFL draft. Think about it: the top 2 picks (Luck and Griffin) are locks, and it seems almost certain the Vikings will be taking USC OT Matt Kalil. The Browns, picking at 4, truly are a wild card for next Thursday’s draft; no one seems to have any idea what they’re going to do. There are many needs the Browns need to fill, and they come at nearly all position.
When it comes down to a need basis, Trent Richardson would seem to be the best fit. Peyton Hillis wore out his welcome in Cleveland and is now a Chief, so someone needs to fill the void there. But, the future of Colt McCoy already seems to have a shaky future, and the Browns taking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is a legitimate possibility and will take the third best quarterback off the board.
            Pop quiz: who was the Browns leading receivers last year? I’ll wait while you go look that up….. waiting…… waiting…. Back yet? It was Greg Little. Let that sink in for a second. Is pathetic even the word for that? Snagging a threat like Justin Blackmon or Malcom Floyd would be huge for who ever next year’s quarterback may be. Also, the offensive line isn’t the greatest. Case and point.
            Whatever direction Cleveland decides to go, it’s going to shake up the NFL draft. Taking Tannehill would screw over a team like Miami who is eyeing him at eight and desperately wants a franchise quarterback. Word on the street is the Bucs love Trent Richardson even though they already have LeGarette Blount and if he’s available at 5 they’ll probably take him. Morris Claiborne, who was drawing Darrelle Revis comparisons from the Jets brass after his pro day workout, could also go to Cleveland and team up with Joe Haden. Lets say Cleveland takes Justin Blackmon; what does that leave for St. Louis, who desperately wants and needs a wide receiver at six?
            It’s a scary thought that any Cleveland sport controls the fate of a draft, especially the Browns. But as you can see, there really are four to six different options for them (Tannehill, Richardson, Claiborne, Blackmon, Reiff, and maybe Cox). Whatever the Browns decide to do, it’s going to make for an interesting Thursday night in New York

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