Thursday, November 10, 2016

NBA 16/17 Predictions


NBA 2016-2017 NBA Predictions

Eastern Conference

1.      Cleveland Cavaliers
2.      Toronto Raptors
3.      Atlanta Hawks
4.      Boston Celtics
5.      Indiana Pacers
6.      New York Knicks
7.      Chicago Bulls
8.      Milwaukee Bucks

Cavs over Bucks
Raptors over Bulls
Knicks over Hawks
Pacers over Celtics

Cavs over Pacers
Knicks over Raptors

Cavs over Knicks

Western Conference

1.      Golden State Warriors
2.      San Antonio Spurs
3.      Oklahoma City Thunder
4.      Los Angeles Clippers
5.      Portland Trail Blazers
6.      Memphis Grizzles
7.      Utah Jazz
8.      Minnesota Timberwolves

Warriors over Timberwolves
Clippers over Trail Blazers
Spurs over Jazz
Thunder over Grizzles

Clippers over Warriors
Thunder over Spurs

Clippers over Thunder

NBA Finals: Cavs over Clippers in 6

MVP: Russell Westbrook over Lebron James
ROY: Kris Dunn over Brandon Ingram
DPOY: DeAndre Jordan over Kawhi Leonard
Most Improved Player: Devin Booker over D’Angelo Russell
Coach of the Year: Tyrann Lue over Steve Kerr




NBA Predictions

1. GS
8. Kings

OKC vs Golden State

1. Cavs
8. Detroit 

Cavs vs Bulls

Finals: Golden State over Cavs

MVP: Westbrook
Coach: Luke Walton
Sixth Man: Lou Williams
DPoy: Whiteside
Rookie: Jamal Murray
Bottom 4: Phoenix and Pelicans
                  Sixers and Nets


East Standings (1-8): Cavs, Raps, Pacers, C’s, Hornets, Hawks, Pistons, Wizards

West Standings (1-8): GSW, SAS, UTAH, LAC, PORT, HOU, OKC, MINNY

Bottom Three Records: Nets, Suns, Lakers

East Finals: Cavs over Pacers

West Finals: SAS over UTAH

NBA Finals/ Champion: SAS over Cavs

MVP: Kawhi Leonard
ROY: Joel Embiid
COY: Quin Snyder
Defensive POY: Kawhi Leonard
Most Improved: Jahlil Okafor


East (1-8): Cavs, Toronto, C’s, Detroit, Indiana, Washington, Atlanta, NYK

West (1-8): GSW, LAC, SAS, Houston, Portland, OKC, Utah, Dallas

Bottom Three: Brooklyn (hahahahah), Philly, Lakers

East finals: Cleveland over Boston

West: GSW over LAC

Finals: GSW over Cleveland (in 6)

MVP: LeBron James
ROY: Ingram
COY: Brad Stevens
DPOY: Kawhi
Most Improved (is this a real award?): Rudy Gobert

-Other notes: No idea how Charlotte is going to score outside of Kemba this year. I’m worried about Batum… Washington was killed by injuries/lazy big men last year and still finished .500. I like them making a jump… Go Knicks!... I think the Heat could be intriguing but ultimately trade Dragic and aim for a top 5-7 pick… Dallas deserves an 8 seed out of respect for Dirk, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Minny make it… The baby Lakers are going to be fun but will have to have guys fake injuries so they can tank… I hope the Suns just let Booker take over… Memphis has had the same core for about 26 years. It’s over for them… The Clips became so overrated they’re underrated. Blake is going to finish top 4 in MVP voting (bron, Steph, KD, Blake)... An average of 18 and 10 is in play for Kristaps (finished with 14 and 7 ish last season)... Noah plays less than 30 games for the Knicks.

East Standings (1-8):  Cavs, Pacers, Raptors, Celtics, Hawks, Knicks, Wizards

West Standings (1-8):  Warriors, LAC, Spurs, Portland, OKC, Memphis, Dallas, T WOLVES

Bottom Three Records: Lakers, Nets, Kings

East Finals:  Cavs over Pacers

West Finals: Warriors over Clippers

NBA Finals/ Champion: Cavs over Warriors

MVP: LeBron James
ROY: Brandon Ingram
COY: Tibbs
Defensive POY: Kwahi Leonard
Most Improved: Blake Griffin

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