Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Night Links:

It was a busy weekend in the sports world...and an even busier Monday.

Mike Freeman from CBS Sports on why Matt Barkley ended the "stay or go?" argument for college athletes. Link:

The Big 10 is already done with the "Leaders"and "Legends" divisions. Moving to a more natural east and west. Link:

Jason Collins became to first "big four" athlete to come out while actively playing. His story. Link:

Great documentary detailing RMU's upset win over UK a month back was released today by NEC FrontRow. Link:

Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets. Link:

We also had the NFL draft, NBA playoff action, and the NHL season come to an end, not to mention some intriguing soccer going on across the pond. Oh yea, the MLB is heating up (except the Angels, they are still ice cold) as we approach summer!..... Enjoy all the action!

--Lee Kunkel

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