Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did Tuesday's win mark the end of the Andy Toole era?

Colin Dunlap's last article (posted in the mid-week links) about RMU head coach Andy Toole has certainly raised some eyebrows to those who have read it. We encourage everyone to give it a read if you haven't already, here is a little excerpt of it:

Now, as Toole is set to turn 33 in September, it’s time to realize his work in Moon Township is complete. 
And there’s nothing wrong with such a notion. 
It’s simply business…on both ends. 
Not to be the buzz kill here, but Toole shouldn’t coach many more games for RMU. Simply put, when this NIT run is over, makes no difference how much of a raise university president Greg Dell’Omo wants to give Toole or what promises he bestows the coach, the Andy Toole era must come to an end.
Is Andy Toole's work at RMU done? (p/c: Justin Berl)
 It's definitely an interesting article by Colin and one that makes sense. One thing we said about the Kentucky game is that it would be a showcase game... for everyone, including Toole. Toole was going to already have his opportunities to move up in the ranks at least slightly this upcoming off-season but his name is as hot as ever right now.

I don't think he leaves to go out west (like USC) or too far down south. Toole's main recruits come from the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, so I think if the right job comes up around there, he will leave. 

I also don't think Toole leaves unless he goes to a multiple-bid conference, meaning you won't have to necessarily win your conference tournament to get into the big dance. Would the CAA or Patriot league be a step up from the NEC? No doubt! But is it worth it? That's the big question.

There's no way Toole does not get a very competitive raise from Robert Morris. If I had to guess, I'd say he gets an offer close to half a million dollars per year to stay at Robert Morris. Dunlap is right that Toole's name will never be hotter, but I guess it really just comes down to price. If Siena can truly triple Toole's pay like some fans insist, than I think it'll be tough to keep him. 

It sounds bad, but it's truly not the worst situation if Toole is gone. Robert Morris is now on the national radar for at least a little and President Dell'Omo and the athletic department can now tote about the success of the program's last two coaches. Who's to say Robert Morris doesn't become a main stepping stone for assistant coaches looking to get their foot in the door?

RMU fans everywhere obviously should not be hoping for Toole to leave. The recruiting class he's bringing in would be good for Xavier, let alone Robert Morris and Toole is really building something here. Besides, it's not like he's without imperfections. Does it worry anyone that he has come up small in the NEC conference tournament since he's been here?

Right now, just enjoy this run that Robert Morris is on and enjoy the spotlight. After that, keep your fingers crossed.

--Chris Cappella

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